1. Holy Bat-Bug, Busman! #ctwdoc #vw

  2. That’s a whole lotta ways! (& we’re selling autographed packages on eBay too!:)

  3. and we’re also on eBay too!

  4. Gotta love the Bug #punchbug #vw

  5. This cool app features…yup, a #splitty! #roadtrip #vw

  6. New @deepseadiver_music is out! Get the newest work from a contributing band off the #ctwdoc soundtrack!

  7. SO cool to play our first drive-in, & at the Shamrock in Killarney, Manitoba, Canada, to boooot! Thanks you Ryan Smith & Dubs at the Lake!

  8. Circle the Wagen DVDs will now be for sale at Capistrano VW, “The Home of The Croc”! Pick up a copy & visit the ol girl (maybe even a car!)

  9. Close but no cigar (looks interesting though!)

  10. Would you believe it if we told you @circlethewagen has made it into a legal textbook?! Law students will know the name, The Croc!

  11. Here it is friends! #ctwdoc in glorious #HD on #iTunes. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you for all your support. We love you guys!

  12. It’s true, this toddler, in a custom-made #CtWdoc 3T shirt, knows what’s up! #hd #itunes #july29th #babyspokesperson #hercutenesssellsmovies

  13. This dog is correct, #circlethewagen comes out on iTunes in our first available HD format! #dogslovedocs

  14. 4 days till #circlethewagen comes out on #iTunes!! If you’ve seen the film, would you do us a favor & write us a review like our good friend David Gomez? It helps us a bunch. Thanks!

  15. taking a #circlethewagen meeting at #Paramount today (at Paramount Pictures)